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Unmet Needs holds the key to Innovation

To design the best innovation strategies, the unmet needs of the target audience are the first thing to be considered and new strategies and products need to be designed to address these unmet needs. There are 3 basic sets of needs that a typical consumer needs that a founder needs to consider: The first set […]

Business Road-Mapping

Business Road-mapping is a useful tool to align business and innovation strategies. Road-mapping allows the venture to link its organizational and technological capabilities with strategic goals. It visualizes whether the current capabilities and technologies employed in products and services can help the organization in achieving its objectives. In case current capabilities and technologies are not […]

How Innovative Enterprises Manage New Ideas

While ideas may be plentiful, we explore how businesses can structure and manage new idea induction and evaluation. Innovation in an Ever-Changing World In today’s ever-changing business environment, companies need a solid innovation strategy. An innovation strategy is a central integrated, external oriented game-play that dictates how to generate, capture, and deliver value. The innovation […]

Creativity in Business

Business Creativity is the production of novel and useful ideas that are influenced by the characteristics of a person and environment. In this article we explore what is creativity, how to manage it through idea management programs and how to improve general thinking skills.

Understanding Innovation

  “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs In today’s competitive world, the survival of the business depends on being able to respond to changes in the environment by innovating and reinventing the business. Those organizations that are able to crack the innovation code become leaders of their industry. It sees […]

Business Model Canvas

A powerful tool for entrepreneurs to define the key elements of a business model Success of a business is defined by its ability to understand customer needs and respond to the market demands by responding with innovative solutions in light of the constantly changing environmental needs, market demands and technological advances. With these quick changes […]

Small Business Strategy for Pakistan during COVID-19

This is part of the series Entrepreneuring at Crossroads which is a series of webinars and articles by Cambridge Advisors Network especially for startups and small business owners. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are naturally attuned to managing risk and unknowns. However, the global pandemic COVID-19 that welcomed 2020 has upturned the world and economy […]

SAU TandoJam Agri-Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

Sind Board of Investment Logo/ Sind Enterprise Development Fund 2017-2019 Impact: 500 Students   The Business Plan Competition has been launched by Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam in Collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan with the support of Sindh Enterprise Development Fund (SEDF), Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) and Cambridge Advisors Network to develop a […]