Here and now we stand almost halfway through 2020 and in a space of a month the world we knew six months ago has gone into future shock. Each and everyone is working on developing a suitable crisis response to the COVID-19 calamity, which include jobs loss, orders canceled, lockdowns and business closures heralding news of doom and gloom everywhere.

Through this webinar, Azhar Rizvi, Entrepreneurs and Author of the book Entrepreneuring Pakistan, helps you rethink the future in terms of the rapid changes that are happening on the ground and helps explore how we can refocus teams, products, services, customers around us to remain relevant and build a positive future lens.

About Azhar Rizvi

Azhar Rizvi is an author, consultant, trainer, coach and master strategist who helps people and organizations achieve high growth targets. He has helped more than 450+ firms redefine business strategy to scale up operations, from few hundred thousand to multi-million dollars’ global operations. Since 2007, he has been working as an ecosystem enabler and has trained 10,000+ student teams, faculty, start-ups and mid-size organizations to develop their business plans and growth strategies and launching successful ventures. Recently, he authored the book, “Entrepreneuring Pakistan- 27 stories of struggle, failure and success” which details the challenges of 27 mentee organizations which have broken the barriers and achieved exponential 10X+ growth.