HEJ Technology Park

The Objective

The main objective of the HEJ Technology Park and Incubation Center (HEJ TPIC) is to create and develop supreme quality incubation process at the ICCBS for high-tech business start-ups. The technology park aims to bridge the gap between industry and universities and TO fuel up the process of organized development work.

The technology park will help in creating new jobs, uplifting the economy and speeding up the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

The project

The project is in process. CAN has been consulted by HEJ for initiating operations at the technology park, creating project’s feasibilities, inducting incubates and bringing industry associations and other strategic partners on board. A park management company will be set up under the supervision of CAN to look over the operations of the technology park.

Operations at the NRL building will start from April to June 2013.


ICCBS – HEJ Technology Park

June 2013 onwards
 Consulting assignment to develop initial processes, operations to and provide project oversight to build develop processes, oversee operations