Health & Wellness

One out of two professionals in the Pakistani corporate sector is suffering from, or is highly at risk for a troubling health condition. Our work-life balance is skewed – we are consuming unhealthy food at work, along with the fast pace of life is creating a constant increase in the diabetic and hypertensive urban population.

All of this is ultimately affects our family life and also the organizations we work for through increasingly more lost work days, and less efficient work. Yet we have found repeatedly, while we protect our business, our money and our assets from burning out through mitigation strategies, there is no real prevention strategy for helping people realize what is needed to perform at optimum levels.

Therefore Cambridge Advisors Network has established a Health and Wellness Practice to focus specifically on what constitutes a healthy and well life and a positive and empowered society. Some of our expertise in the area consist of the following

SURGE offers training in three segments:

Creating a ‘holistic’ health awareness and practice for a professional.

How can a busy professional eat right, promote his/her health through food and stay away from diseases.

what are the existing opportunities for a busy professional in their community, how can they create value with their experience and expertise, that will have a ripple effect in the community.