Cambridge Advisors Network (CAN) is engaged in providing consultancy and training services along with a wide variety of IT solutions, with a belief in building a relationship of trust with clients so that they can focus on their core responsibilities, productivity, growth and developing future prospects

What we do

We work for the economic well-being of people through the promotion of entrepreneurship, business development, growth and enterprise building. We foster the spirit of change by enabling organizations for outclass performance.

How we do it

We provide the platforms, discourse, support, advisory and training for entrepreneurs, government, industry and academia for fostering collaboration between the ecosystem players thus improving the overall industrial and social growth. Our methodology has been proven in developing ecosystems for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for the local environment and to scale globally.

We are recognized internationally for the following services:

• Design and Execution of Business Plan Competitions

• Technology and Incubation Policy and Development

• R&D Commercialization

• Enterprise Growth Consulting

• Technology Adoption and Change Management Consulting

• Development of Policy Guidelines

How we can help

We can help assist our clients in the following ways: