About Us

Cambridge Advisors Network (CAN) is a network of experienced entrepreneurs, educators, executives and consultants with deep interest in helping Pakistani universities & companies. We provide consultancy and training to universities, entrepreneurs, startups, early stage companies and students. We also work with entrepreneurial support organisations to build and sustain the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan.

CAN is able to reach out and bring experts to address specific issues and needs of its Pakistani clients We are recognized internationally for the following services:

  • Design and Execution of Business Plan Competitions
  • Technology and Incubation Policy and Development
  • R&D Commercialization
  • Startup Programs
  • Enterprise Growth Consulting
  • Technology Adoption and Change Management Consulting
  • Development of Policy Guidelines

  • What WE DO

    We work for the economic well-being of people through the promotion of entrepreneurship, business development, growth and enterprise building. We foster the spirit of change by enabling organizations for outclass performance.

    How WE DO IT

    We provide the platforms, discourse, support, advisory and training for entrepreneurs, government, industry and academia for fostering collaboration between the ecosystem players thus improving the overall industrial and social growth.

    About the


    S. Azhar Afaq Rizvi

    Azhar Rizvi has been instrumental in promoting entrepreneurial education and business plan competitions for over five successful Business Acceleration Plan (BAP) Competitions since 2007. He has been mentoring and coaching, connecting Pakistani Diaspora in the US with the technology firms in Pakistan. For the 200 firms benefiting through these programs, these activities have resulted in an overall impact increase in revenues of USD 150 M. Working with leading universities in Pakistan, he is helping in developing entrepreneurial education programs and business plan competitions, mentoring and coaching programs in collaboration with industry leaders. These programs reach 130 universities across the country with around 5,000 student participants. One of these programs has been endorsed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan as the “Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Challenge”. He has assisted in the Lean Startup Workshop, Startup Weekends and GISTech-I Idea competition. He was an international mentor in the GISTech I-Dare business plan competition and lead mentor at the TiE International Global Business Plan Competition. Mr. Rizvi is currently working with Ken Morse in an initiative of helping R&D teams in Pakistan to commercialize heir research work in the US market. He is also working as the Lead Consultant to help Karachi University set up a Technology Park at Karachi. For more information...